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La Formation

The Little Moms offer a training which aims to develop your listening and relational skills. 

We believe that the condition of knowing to be a good listener to others implies the practice of knowing to listen to one self. This training is a prerequisite to become a Big Sister and is free of charge.

This training is a prerequisite before accompanying a Little Sister.


The training consists of a group of 6 Big Sisters with 2 Little Moms as trainers. it includes:


A group course structured around 6 modules, based on experiential exercises, theoretical elements and times for personal introspection (the meeting dates are decided at the beginning of the training according to the availability of the participants)

Regular supervision time during the accompaniment of the Little Sister

Two meetings with a therapist professional specialized in a subject of personal development 


The curriculum is composed as follows:


The first three modules are devoted to listening to oneself:

Learn to know myself better

Learn how to clear my personal space and set my limits in relationships

Set my emotional balance

The three following modules are devoted to listening to others:

The right distance and the connection in a relationship

Situations with my Little Sister: listening posture and limits

Experiencing the living process:  self-confidence and confidence in life

How will the training benefit you?

Knowing yourself better

Learning how to accompany your emotions

Trusting your intuition better

Learning how to take distance from stressful situations

A relational know-how useful to accompany your Little Sister and in your personal and professional life

An awareness of the relational dynamics in your daily life

An ability to position yourself and express yourself in an authentic and personal way

A stronger self-confidence

A greater self presence and an empathetic listening

Friendship shared with the Big Sisters of your cohort

La Supervision

The Little Moms supervise and provide valuable support for the Big Sisters who are mentoring teenagers.

A designated Little Mom accompanies a Big Sister during her 9-month mentorship mission and meets her once every two months.

The Little Mom ensures the relationship between the Big Sister and the Little Sister is going well and answers the Big Sister’s questions during her mission. For the Big Sister, supervision is a time for listening, advice, openness, and learning.

Little Moms may consult a supervising psychologist in case of a particular situation. This supervision applies to the rules of confidentiality and responsibility.

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