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Passionate permaculture gardener


"Life is precious. Every moment counts, the good ones, the bad ones. At the end of our days, they are all just experiences lived. No judgement is held upon us, we are loved beyond imagination. Cradled in the softness of this realization, we may feel the abundance life is gifting us with."

Sonia Sarina


I was born in the German part of Switzerland, in a small village, next to sheep and cows. I grew up as the oldest of 4 children. My upbringing was very close to nature. At 13 years old, my parents separated. Luckily, at 17 years I was able to go to Australia for one year, going to school there. I later studied at the University in St. Gallen Business Education & Management and had some good jobs afterwards but soon left to Ireland, where I opened an organic tea shop.


At the age of 30, I needed to change my life again and I wasn’t sure what the next chapter was.

The last seven years I did further training, more close to my heart. I studied health and nutrition coaching, hypnotherapy and past life & regression therapy. I now live with my partner, dog and cat in a very small mountain village where we are striving a self-sufficient lifestyle, growing our own food and medicine. 

I would love to share with you my passion about all things simple, the cycles of life, back to who we truly are and connecting with each other in a meaningful way.

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