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Film Editor

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 "Happiness is simple when facing the ocean."



I started my career in France as a production assistant for short films, TV films and commercials.

I produced some Fashion short films. I then moved on to editing. I have worked on many documentaries both long and short, with productions, and for television channels such as Arte, KTO, Pink TV, France Télévision and Mezzo. My passion for contemporary dance led me to filming the French choreographer Roberte Leger in her creation of La nuit des Charmes.

I decided to settle down in Beirut in 1998 and started filming artists of the post-war period who had

a Love-Hate relationship with this elusive and constantly changing city. I continue editing films in Lebanon and nowadays lectures in the cinematic universities of Alba and Usek whilst occasionally travelling back to France. I also filmed the choreographer Karine Saporta during her productions in Madagascar and Cairo. I have worked several years in collaboration with Umam Productions. I am now a nomad film cutter based in Marseille and I recently accomplished my dream of sailing across the South Atlantic.  

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