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Art Bookbinder and  Drawing Conservator


Life is beautiful, interesting, complex:  Never give up!



I wanted to be a doctor, but life wanted otherwise. By a curious coincidence, I was led to do bookbinding and then to make it my job. It’s a dive into a complex, attractive universe, filled with diverse and varied knowledge and cultures (literature, drawing, art, etc.). It’s a passion, a joy to learn and achieve with my hands. This job leads me to always learn, invent, create, watch, improve myself. Everything is joy of discovering every moment. In the end, I became a doctor: doctor of books and drawings that I am bringing to life. After my husband died, I went in New York and got in photography which also became a great passion. It allowed me to meet people, nature, the beauty of this world. 

In the context of the association, I would be glad to help young people use a camera and discover this magical world as well as show them how to make little books to present their photos.


If my life course is of interest to you, don’t hesitate to join me via this website. I’m delighted to share with you my passions and experience.

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